What Nitro Is Fastest In Asphalt 9?

best nitro in asphalt 9

As you might have notices, there are multiple types of nitro that you can use in Asphalt 9 – normal nitro, double nitro, perfect nitro and shockwave.

Have you ever asked yourself which one is better and gives you the most speed boost when it comes to your final time? In this guide I will show you which one is the best to use plus in which situation you should use what kind of nitro + a nice life hack that will double the nitro effect 🙂

The Nitro(s) In Asphalt 9

You can activate the different nitro by interacting with the nitro bar so you can always choose when you want to use each individual nitro (when the nitro bar is full, for perfect nitro and shockwave nitro).

Nitro will add acceleration and top speed that will exceed your cars maximum speed for the duration when it’s active, but the duration and the effect is different.

It always depends on the situation which nitro will be the most effective one.

Normal Nitro (Yellow) – Duration 7 Seconds

asphalt 9 normal nitro

You can activate that nitro whenever your nitro bar has anything in it by simply tapping it once. The normal nitro has the longest duration but also the slowest speed increase and you only want to use it when your car has already top speed and you’re on a straight section on the track or when you have some normal turns ahead of you so you don’t leave the track.

Perfect Nitro (Blue) – Duration 5 Seconds

asphalt 9 perfect nitro

You can activate the perfect nitro when your nitro bar has more than 50% and then you need to use nitro again when the bar meter is in the blue section. This nitro will burn down faster than normal nitro but also give a bigger speed increase. Only use it when you’re leaving turns or you’re in a turn.

Double Nitro (Red) – 2 Seconds For Half Bar

asphalt 9 double nitro

This nitro is activated by double tapping nitro at any point on the nitro bar (except when the bar is in the purple or blue section!) and is more powerful than perfect nitro but also burns down faster. The only valid use for that nitro is when you’re in offroad terrain because that will slow down your car a lot and you can be faster there. Don’t use it in turns or also straight sections on the track, it will burn down faster so normal nitro is a better choice there.

Shockwave Nitro (Purple) – 3 Seconds

asphalt 9 shockwave nitro

This is the least effective nitro and the huge speed increase willbe soon very fast, so this is the nitro you only want to use in rare situations where you need it – these situations are defending against cops or other players (they can’t damage or hit you and you will immediately take them down when they touch you) or when you jump and do a barrel roll so the gained nitro from that will make the shockwave last longer.

To activate shockwave you will need to tab nitro again when the nitro bar is in the purple section.

Twice Nitro Glitch

You can double the effect of nitro, especially shockwave nitro due to a glitch in Asphalt 9. I’ll explain you how it works…

Attention! This glitch got fixed 🙁

If your nitro runs out, your car will slow down to the normal maximum speed within a few seconds – so, if you now can activate nitro again while your car is still faster than normal (which it is when your nitro just ran out), the nitro effect will get added to your current speed and not your normal maximum speed that your car has.

fastest nitro in asphalt 9

So here’s how to do it.

You will use shockwave nitro before jumping.

As soon as you’re in the air, you hit nitro another time so it will become the red nitro and then again to stop it while you’re in the air.

As soon as your car touches ground, your nitro bar is filled and you then hit shockwave again 🙂

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