Slow Down Bots In Real Racing 3

slow down bots in rr3

When I first heard about slowing down bots in Real Racing 3, I thought it is something you can do to break them down and win the race – sounded like a scetchy tactic to me but I was wrong ????

Slowing down bots means you can get easier opponents in your races and that’s a tactic that can save you a lot of frustration and also R$ and Gold for upgrades that you don’t need anymore ????

So what I want to do in this article is showing you how you can slow down bots effectively and get easier bots in your races if a race is too hard to beat for you.

Let’s go.

Bots In Real Racing 3

I’ve already written in my multiplayer guide that normal career and bonus series races are run with bots, not human players. They have a name and an image but the longer you play Real Racing 3, the more you see that there are only a few ones and it’s impossible that the same players are online at the exact time you play the game for years 😉

Actually, there are exactly 50 different bots in Real Racing 3 that you will see repeat over and over again, getting rendomly set into race with you.

The thing is, some of them are really hard to beat and others are ridiciously easy to beat – and normally that’s the bots you want to have.

slow bots down

Here’s a full list of all the bots in Real Racing 3 right now and you will recognize the names, I promise 🙂 This list is sorted from top (very difficult) to bottom (very easy):


Offline Bots Names with Country


1 Dr Perriwinkle (Sweden) Outrageously hard
2 auralpod (Switzerland)
3 Rattlesnack (Italy)
4 darknezz (Japan)
5 MiceOrMan (France)
6 stayFrosty (Spain) very hard
7 HoodooVoodoo (Germany)
8 Keed07 (Belgium)
9 SpeedyParkins (Great Britain)
10 Eraser (Canada)
11 The Raven (USA)
12 Richie Rich (Singapore) hard
13 Ghast (Russia)
14 fortz99 (New Zealand)
15 Modesto Lingerfelter (Netherlands)
16 JimBling (Greece)
17 merrygold (Denmark)
18 _thefreak_ (China) a bit hard
19 Sparx (South Africa)
20 Bronson Guthry (Serbia)
21 drollted (Sweden)
22 PerturB (Switzerland)
23 jojo76 (Italy)
24 morkRING (Japan)
25 oooo! (France) normal
26 Oddly (Spain)
27 LOLOLOL (Germany)
28 JKR (Belgium)
29 Jack Knife (Great Britain)
30 Existent (Canada)
31 The Brioche (USA) not so easy
32 Kranger (Singapore)
33 Pungent Sauce (Russia)
34 HeAt (New Zealand)
35 mintCrystal (Netherlands)
36 turnipage (Greece)
37 Propeller Factory (Denmark) easy
38 FishMang (China)
39 Aaron Doyle (South Africa)
40 Weaver (Serbia)
41 Eric Hertz (Sweden)
42 Batliner (Switzerland)
43 Tiesha Francione (Italy) very easy
44 Gayle Lokan (Japan)
45 Jerrell Omo (France)
46 Rosamund Mahula (Spain)
47 Brosig (Germany)
48 Dane Rabenold (Belgium)
49 Marcel Corrigeux (Great Britain)
50 Moises Gabby (Canada) obscenely easy

How To Slow Them Down

With that in mind let’s get to the way how the bots will race you.

Normally, they will get randomly chosen to race you because there are more than available spots in a race. Now Real Racing 3 want to make it challenging but not frustrating for you, so it will adapt according to how you perform.

If you constantly win races with a huge lead, they will give you harder bots to race to give you a challenge

Please mind – PR requirements in each series will still require you to do upgrades and no bot can beat you in a race where your car is far ahead of theirs, but you can use this technique if you#re stuck in a race where you seem to have no chance to win 🙂

Now let’s have a look at what you can do to get slower bots:

  • Autocross: Normally here your target time will have the best impact on the bots, so setting a slow time on purpose is the best choice here to slow down bots.
  • Elimination: Simply stay at the start and wait until the 20 seconds time out – this also will only add minimal to no service to your car.
  • Endurance: You can stay at the line and wait until your timer runs down and then quit and re-enter – normally you will see huge differences here.
  • Head-To-Head: Simply pause the race directly after the start and then exit and re-enter the race. You will see the bots time on the screen as well so you should see a slower time after a few tries.
  • Hunter: Also pause the race after the start, cancle the race and exit and re-try. You can see the distance to the 1st place that should change after a few times doing that.
  • Time-Trial: Set a slow time on purpose or simply wait until your car needs service and run this one a few times (great to do when your car is in service time after time)
  • Speed Record: Pause the race directly after the start and then exit and re-enter the race. If you’re able to get the 1st place don’t push it further or you will get harder bots in the next speed record again! You can also turn around and drive back to the longest straight and try setting the record there as well 🙂
  • Speed Snap: Here’s also setting a slow time for a couple of races a good strategy – you can also use a car in service for that.

Unlike other games where you have something like fuel to limit the amount of races you can do before “re-chargin”, Real Racing 3 uses car damage and service to restrict you from doing unlimited races with a car back to back. The above tactics will not cost you mugh service so you can try them multiple times 🙂

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