Real Racing 3 Racing Codes – How To Use Them?

real racing 3 racing code

Inside your Real Racing 3 app you will find a button in the settings that says “Enter Racing Code”, so it’s totally normal that you ask yourself what the heck this button will do and what you should enter there, right?

real racing 3 enter racing code

I get asked a lot about the racing codes in Real Racing 3 so I thought it will be helpful if I drop some lines here to bring light into the dark what this whole thing is all about.

Racing Codes To Use In Real Racing 3

These racing codes are nothing else than a promotional feature that allows EA/FM to hand out special rewards or other things by giving one or all players an individual code they can enter in their app to redeem the gift.

So you will ask yourself what these codes are and how to use them.

Well in the first years of Real Racing 3, this feature got used more than it is now and we saw some promotions here and there – today, however, there are not getting any new codes added as far as I know. At least public ones.

So here are the codes that are confirmed:

50 Years Of Porsche

real racing 3 racing code for free porscheCode: “BIRTHDAY”

This one was for the 1st anniversary of the release of Real Racing 3 and when entering that racing code you got a free Carrera RS 2.7 (1972) which costs R$300,000.

The thing is, most players have that car by now anyway so it’s hard to tell if that code still works or not, but maybe you can try it out yourself and tell in the comments if it still unlocks the Porsche 🙂

R$100.000 & 20 Gold

racing code for money rr3Code: “SONY TEST CODE”

Don’t know how this code made it to the public as it never has been an officially promoted one, but somehow someone found it out and it will give you R$100.000 and 20 Gold, many people told me in the not-so-distant past that this code still works and will give you the money and Gold.

More Codes

Officially, Real Racing 3 says when being asked about the racing codes that they will add more in the future and this feature is still part of the game.

In reality, however, there hasn’t been any new code added to Real Racing in at least 2 years so it’s not wrong to believe that this is not used anymore so you shouldn’t mind about it anymore once collected the codes that we know and maybe hope for a surprise at some point.

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