Real Racing 3 Hacks & Life Hacks Review

real racing 3 life hacks review

With tons of cars, racing series and race modes, Real Racing 3 is one of the most famous racing game on mobile devices with millions of active players around the whole globe – no wonder why so many search for working hacks or cheats in Real Racing 3 to get a head start.

I have been checking out all the cheats and hacks out there myself and have been putting together here the ones that will work in RR3 and those that won’t work (also added some of my personal tips from playing the game for years).

For better understanding, I have also separated this guide into two parts, the first one is about life hacks, those are hacks that use the game  mechanic and are absolutely safe to use and the hacks that require 3rd party tools/websites in the second part

Life Hacks in Real Racing 3 – Make Sure To Use Them

Let’s have a look at the life hacks first 🙂

Life Hack #1 – Save Tons Of Gold & Money By Skipping Cars

I know the thought to own every car in the game sounds tempting, but you will learn after a few seasons that buying and upgrading cars is extremely expensive in Gold and Money – you can get to the final seasons a lot earlier by not getting every car in every season. You can easily skip some and finish every series by getting only 2 out of the 4-5 cars offered. In general you can go with the plan to get the first car (obviously, you need that to take part in the series) and upgrade that as far as needed to unlock the 3rd car. In most series, the third car is enough to beat the whole series and will save you from buying 2 additional cars that will slow down your progress.

Important! In every series you will see a showcase event for new cars that you’re about to unlock, after that (and only right there after the race!), you will get 20% off the car purchase – do ONLY start that showcase when you have the money to buy the car.

I have here a much more detailed guide which cars to buy and which ones not here in my car buying guide

Life Hack #2 – Slow Down The Bot Cars

I know it looks like you’d be driving real players in career races, but in fact, those are just bots from Real Racing 3 that have some realistic looking names and images.

The good news is, beating these bots is sometimes very easy and if you enter a race that is too difficult for you to win here’s a life hack that you really want to check out.

real racing 3 break down bots

Here’s what you will do.

Find a choke point when you’re in the lead (or at least in the Top 3) where they are behind you. You need to figure out which opponents are the dangerous ones for you, so don’t do that in the first turns.

Now you break hard just in front of them and let them push you.

This will slow them down and let slower opponents overtake you and them.

Now you can overtake the slower opponents but the bots are not as active in overtaking, even when a slower opponent is in front of them.

Now you have been not only slowing down an opponent for some time, you also might have blocked him for the entire race.

Still, do not do this when you’re not in a top position or you might not be able to catch up to the top placements and this is not your intention 😉

Life Hack #3 – Easier Opponents

If opponents in TSM are just too hard for you, you can finish the race at the last place a few times and then you will start that the target times will get easier to beat.

This technique will give you easier opponents and will save you a lot of R$ and Gold for upgrades – I’ve written a whole guide about it here

Life Hack #4 – Breaking Outside The Track Hack

breaking hack in rr3There are several spots at most tracks, where you can leave the racetrack to shorten the way you need to break – if you leave the track, you will slow down automatically but you will keep full traction so this is very helpful compared to breaking manually and steering. In the picture you see a spot that works great – simply don’t take the ones with gravel or grass that will slow you down too much!

Life Hack #5  – Turn The Aids OFF (Shortcut Cheat)

drive without assits in real racing 3You can use automatic steering and breaking assists in different modes that will help you stay on track and automatically brake for you – do turn them off right from the start in settings! Especially the lowest breaking helper might seem tempting if you miss the breaking spot, but in fact it is pretty conservative and at many spots it will automatically break earlier than you could actually break and will mess up your times – depending on the car and track you will lose 1-2 seconds EVERY round with that so just shut it down right from the start!

You should really learn how to drive without assists it is worth it in the end and will save you a lot of Gold and R$ for upgrades and additional cars!

In addition, you can start shortcutting a little bit on many tracks by crossing the outside of the track, the slow down penalty is not enough to slow you down and you can easily over take an opponent or save some good time by doing it 🙂 Below as example such a shortcut points at the Suzuka Curcuit:

real racing 3 shortcut

Cheats & Hacks in Real Racing 3 – Caution

So here are the ones that require third-party tools and you should only use these hacks at your own risk.

Hack #1 – Online Gold Generators

The most popular hack that you can find anywhere out there are the generator websites – simply enter your username and how much R$ and Gold you want and they will transfer it directly to your account.

real racing 3 unlimited gold

Once entered, it will attempt to connect to your account and in a very last step, you will need to show that you’re not a bot by downloading an app or finishing a survey. I personally wasn’t successful and I didn’t get anything but I’m not sure if that was my own fault or if they don’t work at all…

Hack #2 – Other Bots & Hacks

I did find some other bots like farming bots but after all they didn’t really work that well, if even. There was one bot that was farming races but  wasn’t able to really repair the car so it was just a short session that you could also have done yourself – the driving was also bad, like if all driving assists would have been active and the bot only used hitting the pedal for speed all the time – you could only do races where your car has to be extremely better, making this short farming session not really effective…

Others didn’t even work as claimed, they didn’t do anything so I have to tell you that there’s no real working hack out there.

5 responses to “Real Racing 3 Hacks & Life Hacks Review”

  1. I give you props for wanting to be helpful,BUT, just about everything you said is common sense and comes with a little bit of experience… also I noticed that you stated that you do not need to get all the cars…… And that is entirely wrong… Each chlorine every series will generally have a showcase specifically where that car can race and a time trial which has to be completed in order to get 100% on your series that you happen to be participating in..thus you are not able to get 100% on series,which means no 100% completion “gold” reward, which is always the largest. 100% must be attained on any specific series,to enable one to keep progressing and moving up…also,to run a car through an entire series , you’ll have to complete AT LEAST 80-90% of the upgrades or it will not meet the standards,listed on top of cup races,which go progressively up, with each race you complete…

  2. Here’s a tip on races for the highest speed in a lap.Does not work in speedsnap.If the robot starts, hold in to reverse.Reverse as far as you can and do a flying start.Time of the lap is not a issue with speedsnap or highest speed. You can manuver on the track to reach higher speeds.Some outocross stages can be easily won taking short cuts across the infield.

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