Real Racing 3 Best Races For Cash & Fame

best races in real racing 3

The further you progress in Real Racing, the more expensive the cars and their upgrades get and your progress will get slower and slower.

So the only way is to farm older races that you can now beat comfortably to generate some additional R$ and Fame (that will translate into Gold when you hit a new Driver Level).

So what I wanted to do is giving you a good overview which races are the best ones to do.

Imgine you play a race that will give you 30,000 R$ but it takes 22 minutes to complete while another race with only 7 minutes rewards you with 15,000 R$… doing the last one will give you 45,000 R$ in the same time.

That’s what I did, I have been checking all the races and put here the most profitable ones for you that you should farm when you’re short on cash or you want to boost your driver level with some fame ????

By the way, if you stick to my car buying guide, you will see what cars you actually need to get the most rewards for them without wasting cash for cars that you don’t need:

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Most Profitable Races in RR3

Here you will wind several races that are worth the effort and I bet that you already have unlocked one of them. If not, you shouldn’t really need to do them because the career races will give you enough cash to upgrade your car to progress.

How To Get Most Out Of It

Below are races that will give you the best R$ and Fame per minute and here are some things you should do before you start them to really max the profit:

Use it for the first race when you get your daily bonus, that can be up to 200% additional cash or 100% additional fame!

rr3 daily bonus for more fame and cash

Always try to also run a clean race, each touching of opponents will lower your payout. It’s not that much but a crash just will cut your profits and is not neccessary as you will be able to beat these races comfortably once you use them for farming.

If you manage to run a clean race, you will get a 25% additional prize rewarded that is worth it!

Also try to activate your Manager or Agent, from timet ot time you get them for free and their boost is highly appreciated.

rr3 free manager

Now let’s jump into my favorite farming races that will give you the best profit per minute.

Classic Ferrari Showdown (6000 R$ & 1100 Fame per Minute)

This is the 2nd best farming race from all of the races here and unlocked quite early.

The very last race, Cloudmusiq Battle of Maranello, is a great race to farm both fame and cash – and you can even farm it without buying the Ferrari F50 for Gold 🙂

All you need to do is investing the 156 Gold to get the highest upgrades for the Ferrari F40 (that’s less than the F50 would cost, by the way) and you’re good to go beating that race. You’ll get the 100% bonus and with a few level ups you’ve returned your investment easily.

The race will give you 83,200 R$ and 15,200 Fame and you can finish it in less than 14 minutes.

This is the one you will need to farm until you hit Endurance Legends!

Endurance Legends (5800 R$ & 1000 Fame per Minute)

Once you have the Endurance Legends series unlocked, there another race you can farm so you can now farm twice as much before you need to wait until the maintenance of your cars is finished.

It’s the 12th race in this series called Endurance Kings so you have access to it really early and you can also win it easily with your starting car not that much upgraded.

You will get a whopping 155,700 R$ and 28,400 Fame for winning it, although it takes about 26-27 minutes that one of the best cash/minute and fame/minute in the game.

I think there’s no better option once you hit the last career series and I have farmed it like 100 times at least when I need cash.

McLaren Generations (5300 R$ & 900 Fame per Minute)

Here’s also a nice farming race with “The Endurance Legend Continues”, a race you have in about 75% of this series. You will need a few Gold upgrades on your McLaren P1 to do it but only a few to get a PR of 79.0 to be able to do the race (without Gold upgrades you can get 78.1 or something like that so it’s just 1-2 upgrades you need to do).

This race rewards 77,400 R$ and 14,100 Fame and you can finish it in less than 15 minutes.

Campionato Scuderia Ferrari (9300 R$ & 1700 Fame per Minute)

This is unlocked pretty late in the game but extremely valuable to farm cash to get cars for prior bonus series.

What I really like about this race is the short duration, it’s the Flag Racing Euro Race Day – a head to head race in the first third of this series and you can do it with only R$ upgrades on the car, no Gold upgrades required ????

This race will reward you with 28,100 R$ and 5,200 Fame but can be done in 3 minutes!


Get used to the races, the end game of Real Racing is quite a grind and you will do them a lot of time to get all the cash and Gold (through level ups) to really finish all the career series – however, the above races are your best option!

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