Real Racing 3 – All Shortcuts & Secret Spots

all shortcuts in real racing 3

Shortcuts exist in Real Racing since the very start and are great because you can win races with them that you normally couldn’t win because you would need a better car or Gold upgrades in your car.

The reason why they work is easy – when you leave the track your car will get slowed down extremely fast and this will give you on some tracks the opportunity to simply race fast through some turns that would normally require to break down slowly on the track, avoid opponents and drive slow for a short amount of time until you can accelerate again.

How To Use Shortcuts In Real Racing 3

First of all, you need to know the points on the different tracks where you can use this strategy ????

But I have below a list that will help you with that ????

Also, you need to turn off any driver assistance in the settings of the game, otherwise the game will turn or break automatically and keep you from using that shortcut.

real racing 3 driver assists

You find them in the settings and can also turn them off manually during a race (if you don’t want to do the whole race without them)

Now you’re ready to use them.

All Working Shortcuts

Brands Hatch – Indie Circuit

You will come along this one quite frequently in many series and this shortcut will actually save you a lot of time and make you pretty much win any race on Brands Hatch easily.

brands hatch indie circuit shortcut in real racing 3

It’s directly the last turn before you will go to the finish line and you can full speed go straight right and drive near the wall

Spa Francorchamps

There’s a very long part where you will go full speed that will end in a very tight right-left turn right before the finish line. Normally you would need to slow down a lot and lose a lot of time here.

spa shortcut

There’s however a shortcut if you just go right straight for the finish line without taking the turns and you can easily beat off a couple of seconds from the clock.


Right after the start there’s a tight right turn that will need you to slow down a lot but you can easily beat it by just taking a full-speed turn over the green. Leaving the track will slow you down enough so you can just accelerate when you left it.

hockenheimring shortcut

Dubai Oval Circuit

The oval curcuit of Dubai is the shortest track in Real Racing 3 and basically only an oval (surprise…). The good thing is that is let you drive far off the track and even with the slow speed the game will limit you when driving off the track, you’re still faster than the other cars.

dubai oval curcuit shortcut

Simply always go as far inside as you can in the turns and accelerate to full speed on the straights

Dubai Hill Circuit

Right after the start/finish line there’s a turn right where you can drive on the inside – all cars aren’t that fast so you can overtake the majority of the field easily without getting into trouble of that many cars on the track and save yourself some nice seconds with this shortcut.

dubai hill shortcut

Mount Panorama

When you drive down the mountain you have this crazy long straight that will end in the last turn before the finish line. You’ll be running with full speed and breaking down takes a lot of time (and timing as well to not lose additional time).

mount panorama shortcut

This shortcut simply is driving through the sand on the left that will break you down a lot faster and you have the perfect speed when you hit the road right before the last turn.

Silver Stone Grand Prix

Also here right before the finish line there’s a left turn before the final right turn that leads to the finish line. You can take the route left between the two barriers and will be right at a point where you don’t have to break down and can overtake a lot of other racers easily.

silverstone grand prix shortcut


Actually there are a lot more but I only picked the big ones for this guide here – actually you can pretty much use any turn to shortcut where you’re coming in with fast speed and use the off-track area to break down fast.

Please keep in mind that leaving the track will be sending your car faster into maintenance so just do it when you really have to and not just for the plain fun of it ✌️

I also have a guide on the assists and how you can race faster in Real Racing 3, if you’re interested:

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