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need for speed no limits hack

One of the most-played mobile racing games, that’s what Need for Speed No Limits is. With that in mind I’m not surprised that players like you search around for cheats or hacks in NFSNL to unlock all cars and finish all races as the winner.

I’ve been checking out all the hacks and cheats that you possibly can find out there to tell you which ones are really working and which ones are only wasting your time.

3 – 2 – 1 – Go!

So, in this guide I have some life hacks that will work inside the game and that you should really know about and I also tested some 3rd party hacks that you should be really careful about.

Life Hacks in Need for Speed No Limits – Make Sure To Use Them

First up are the life hacks

Life Hack #1 – Life Hack to get event tickets back (or don’t lose them)

NFS - No Limits - hack to restore event ticketThis one here is a little annoying to use but if you really want to make sure that you don’t lose any tickets in Need for Speed No Limits it works. You can manually upload and download your savegame to the cloud storage of NFS NL in your player profile. There you have the cloud save management where you can manually upload and download savegames to the EA servers.

Before every event race you need to manually upload your savegame and in case you don’t win the event race and don’t want to lose the event ticket you only need to manually download the one you uploaded before the event race – now you can repeat it for free 🙂

Life Hack #2 – Perfect Launch

At the start of every race you have to have the needle in the green section to get a perfect launch that will not only give you a faster start, it will also give some nice extra cash.

The best way to do it is not “dancing” the needle around the area and hope for the best – you just give full speed and watch the clock and then release it at the perfect moment to let it travel to the green area.

nfs nl perfect launch

This takes some practice but once you have it you can perform 100% perfect starts allt he time – I always remember the the timer when I have to release it.

Need For Speed No Limits perfect startFirst of all, and that should be clear, hold the needle in the green area to get a perfect start. After that you have two options. Either slip right after an opponent in front of you, that will load your nitro bar and make you a little faster. Alternatively, and that depends on the track or the opponent situation in front of you, you can go directly in a drift to gather fast nitro to boost your speed in Need for Speed No Limits.

Life Hack #4 – Don’t flip Mystery Boxes

You get a mystery prize after some races. Need for Speed No Limits will show you three possible rewards and you will get one – well, you know what the other two ones would contain but you need to pay 30 Gold to get another one of them. Don’t do this unless there’s one reward that you ultimately need, 30 Gold translates into $0.80 in Need for Speed No Limits!


Life Hack #5 – Best ways to farm Cash in NfS No Limits

There are several ways to earn Cash in Need for Speed No Limits:

  1. Tuner Trials
  2. Blackridge Rivals
  3. Campaign
  4. Car Series
  5. Events

With the right strategy you can manage to get more than 500,000 Cash in a couple of days and by repeating this you won’t ever have any more cash problems in NfS NL.

First, I recommend you to do the Master mechanics in Time Trials every Tuesday:

NFS No Limits master mechanics free cash

They will give you up to 100,000 Cash, depending what cars you already unlocked with the two tokens you have.

Also every Thursday you have the Fortune Time Trial event that will give you up to 150,000 Cash for doing two races. That’s already quarter a million for doing 4 races every week 🙂

Now you need to also do it on Sunday where you can access any of these events as well! Now we already have 500,000 Cash for a few races every week.

In days where you have the time to make multiple races, make sure to rank in Icon III in Blackridge Rivals this will reward you 100,000 Cash every day and is something you can do in like 15 to 20 races in Need for Speed No Limits.

If you then still have some fuel left, you can farm boss races (use the skip mode that saves a lot of time) in the campaign for another 50,000 Cash or so. This is great for fast farming when you can’t do races yourself in Time Trial or Blackridge Racers because it only takes a second and 1 fuel pip per auto-race boss race. Only do the boss races for cash!

This is the strategy I use and get like 2 million Cash every week for just investing 30 minutes a day for Need for Speed No Limits.

Life Hack #6 – Save 20% Cash on crates

Always save until you can get the 5x crates instead of getting them one by one in NFS NL – you will get one crate for free every time you do this and this will pay off in the long run. You will open hundreds of them during your racing career in Need for Speed No Limits and that means this will give you hundreds of free crates without paying Cash for it over the weeks and months.

NFS NL save cash on crates

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for Premium Crates.

Cheats & Hacks in NfS No Limits – Caution

So here are the ones that require third-party tools and you should only use these hacks at your own risk.

Hack #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

The first thing I was checking out was the hack tool generators for Need for Speed No Limits.

nfs no limits gold hack

All you need to do is entering the Gold you need and your player name and they will transfer it to your Need for Speed No Limits account. At least that’s what they say but at the end of the day they do not really work, even when they come in many different forms and colors.

I wasn’t able to get one of them to work.

Hack #2 – Other Bots & Hacks

I also did search around and found some rare bots that claim to farm all the time while you can do whatever you want (well if you do have a spare device where you keep the bot and Need for Speed No Limits running as you can’t do anything else while this is running).

To be honest, I wasn’t able to even get this running straight. The bot was able to run somewhat okay in a race but couldn’t start the next race so it was simply doing the races but you need to start them manually – not really convenient and definitely nothing you want to put your account at risk for, right?

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