More Gold in Real Racing 3

more gold in real racing 3

Gold is the premium currency in Real Racing 3 but unlike many other mobile games out there, you can earn it within the game and you also need it as some cars or upgrades require Gold.

I thought you might find it helpful when I give you some of my ways how I farm the Gold.

Completing Series

When I started playing, I always did just enough races in each series to unlock the next series ????  You will get an additional Gold prize when finishing a series for 75% and also for 100%.

To finish a series you will need to win all the races in it and that’s the struggle – this includes also doing the showcase races for all cars and you need to own all the cars. This is a lot of R$ spent there.

gold for completing series

If you follow my car upgrading guide in Real Racing 3, you learned that you can skip buying certain cars and still do all series.

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However, the 75% bonus is what you’re actually after.

Also coming back later and dominating the bonus series with stronger cars from later series is a great boost of income that makes 50 Gold per series easily.

Here are by the way the series that you can complete without having to buy any Gold upgrades to your cars:


  • Pure Stock Challenge – 30 Gold
  • Road Car International (Bonus) – 37 Gold
  • Street-Spec Skirmish – 34 Gold
  • 6 Cyl Annihilation Series (Bonus) – 40 Gold
  • Global Production Pursuit (Bonus) – 39 Gold


  • V8 Naturals – 39 Gold
  • Performance Rumble – 46 Gold
  • V8 Performance Brawl (Bonus) – 46 Gold
  • Everyday Heroes – 42 Gold
  • Prime Production Match-up (Bonus) – 41 Gold


  • Pro/Am Supercar Club – 51 Gold
  • RWD Open Revolution (Bonus) – 51 Gold
  • Modern Sports Classics (Bonus) – 52 Gold
  • Supercar Masters Series – 56 Gold
  • V10 Showdown Series (Bonus) – 52 Gold
  • Deutsch Duell (Bonus) – 51 Gold


  • Accolade Open – 57 Gold
  • Prestige Powermatch – 56 Gold
  • Aston Martin Expedition – 57 Gold


  • Grip Fiends (Bonus) – 57 Gold
  • GT3 World Series – 60 Gold


  • 12+ Cyl Slam (Bonus) – 71 Gold
  • Global GT Clash (Bonus) – 63 Gold
  • 50 Years of 911 (Bonus) –  60 Gold
  • Ferrari Faceoff – 63 Gold


  • Supercar Elites  – 69 Gold
  • Speed Demons (Bonus) – 74 Gold
  • Spider Showdown (Bonus) – 63 Gold
  • Zenith Series – 75 Gold
  • All Star Vendetta (Bonus) – 58 Gold

Please note that you can always reach 75% of any series in Real Racing 3 without spending any Gold on upgrades!

Leveling Up

Fame is nothing else than the level that shows how much you’re playing Real Racing, at least that’s what you might think.

You might have asked yourself why so many people have a crazy high fame level when there’s nothing directly connected to it?

Well, there is. You get up to 60 Gold for each new level you reach and this will be hundreds and hundreds of Gold in your career.

hire agent for more fame

Just use your agent every day when you can use him for free and make an endurance race where you know you can beat many laps – this will boost your level a lot more than the regular races you do and you will quickly turn towards level 50 and above.

Here are some races that worked very well for me:

  • Legend – Endurance Kings (28,400 Fame) – 28:15
  • Master – Classic Ferrari Showdown (15,200 Fame) – 14:23

level up gold

Update! I just have made an overview about the most profitable races in Real Racing 3 with the highest R$ and Fame per minute earnings – you might want to check it out here:

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