How To Win In Multiplayer In Real Racing 3

real racing 3 multiplayer guide

Online Multiplayer is the game mode in Real Racing 3 where you actually race against real human opponents – in career mode it only appears to be human players but the cars are raced by bots so you just think they are human.

Anyway, racing against real humans is after al the more challenging and fun part of games because the bots are, to be honest, somewhat dumb and static and don’t really challenge you as long as you have a car that’s strong enough to race them.

But Online Multiplayer also has a lot of frustrating moments and I thought it might be helpful for you if I put here my best tips into this guide to help you out.

Online Multiplayer Guide

You’ll find the Online Multiplayer mode when swiping through the main menu of the game until you see the leaderboard, that’s where you can jump into a race

online multiplayer in Real Racing 3

Patience & Tactic

You all will race with a similar PR car when having upgraded it so you need to be patient enough to not risk the entire race.

My personal tactic is always not trying to risk much in the beginning and stay out of early trouble.

Your opponents in Online Multiplayer are not like the bots you know from the career mode, they will be a lot more aggressive and a lot less predictable in the lines they take.

If you are next to them you can be sure they will try to push you off the track and might be successful smashing you off the track or into a wall and this means expensive service costs and might even trash the race for you.

The Start

If you start in one of the first positions you want to immediately go to the side, if they race a car with a better acceleration you will get smashed right after the start and that’s what you want to prevent. If you have a car with the fastest acceleration you can go ahead and try to get away from them as early as possible.

Keep An Eye On Your Back

There’s always an indicator that will show you where the racer behind you is right now and how far away he is.

rr3 online multiplayer check for opponents

I can’t tell you enough to always keep an eye on that and also use the view back when you see an opponent is directly behind you to always stay directly in front of you so he can’t push you off the track.

If you see that he is significantly faster than you… well, that’s the point where you just need to let him pass. You can’t defend all laps when he is faster and sooner or later he will just push you off the track and you will not lose one place but maybe get last and that’s not worth it.

Use The Slipstream

With similar PR it’s sometimes hard to bypass an opponent because he is as fast as you are on the straight sections.

Taking over on straight sections, however, is one of the things you need to do so make sure to use the slipstream that is very effective in Online Multiplayer.

Just drive directly behind your opponent to gather extra speed and then take over when you’re a lot faster than he is.

Remember, this also works the other way round so don’t keep too straight when you see an opponent behind you will use your slipstream!

Prepare For Smashers

Those are the worst and you will see them in many races in Online Multiplayer… people just frustrated or enjoying to bring others down turn around on the track and go the wrong way and smashing into other cars on purpose.

There’s no penalty and the only thing you can do is keeping an eye on that and be prepared that this might happen.

In turns you#re relatively save because they can’t see you and react fast enough but the straight sections are the ones where they see you coming.

If you see one coming ahead, stay in the center of the track and then steer to one side a little bit and then more to the other side – often enough they think you might go left and do that themself but you will atually go right.

And this gets me to the biggest challenge in Online Multiplayer in Real Racing 3…

The Biggest Problem In Multiplayer

Once you get used to the mode, you will start seing that it isn’t that difficult to climb the ladder until like 900 points, from there on you will see that you be constantly matched against lower players.

The reason is simple, there are less and less players that are in your range so it would take ages to set up a race with similar racers and the game simply fills the roaster with lower opponents.

This might sounds nice for you in the beginning, who else wouldn’t mind racing weaker players?

In terms to make this fair, Real Racing uses a point system that rewards the weaker opponents more points when winning and less points for the stronger racer, that’s you.

So, when finishing first you will only get like one-digit points but if you don’t manage to win, you can lose like 50 points in a single race.

This puts a lot of pressure on you because losing (or even tougher… NOT winning) a Multiplayer Race will detroy your progress of five or more prior races – really frustrating, right?

The problem is, you will always find racers there that get frustrated or simply have a lot of fun destroying others so they will try to just push you off the track or turn around and try to smash you – this makes it hard to always win every race and also make you getting stuck at a certain point.

There’s actually no real solution to this right now, so I can only recommend you to stick at that point to prevent any more frustration in Online Multiplayer in Real Racing 3 and hope that this system will get changed at some point in the future 🙁

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