How To Win Endurance Races

win endurance races in real racing 3

Endurance Races are still considered as one of the most profitable races in Real Racing 3 to farm R$ and Fame, especially when you have the daily bonus active.

I know that some of you might struggle with them so I wanted to write this guide – endurance races are the most strategic races and with the right strategy, you will get a lot better result.

best endurance race result

Tactic To Beat Endurance Races

As I said, beating endurance races is easy with the right strategy and I’m sure that you waste some time on your clock at some point, so let’s walk through a race.


With every car you overtake, you will get 10 more seconds added to your clock and if your time runs out, you will end the race – the more distance you’ve been able to make before that happens the better your reward.

The thing is, you can’t have more than 90 seconds on your clock, no matter what you do so you need to manage your time like a budget.

The Early Stage

In the beginning there’s not much distance between opponents and you can easily overtake them and add time to your clock.

This is one of the more essential stages of endurance races and you should be patient here to not overtake an opponent unless you have 80 seconds or less on your clock.

Still, keep up as much as you can and at some point it will take longer to get to the next opponent and when racing too slow now the other ones will go ahead too much to get them later.

Mid Stage

At this point you will be constantly under 80 seconds so you can overtake any opponent you see – but be careful, crossing the finish line will also add 10, 15 or 20 seconds to your clock (depending how long one lap is) and you don’t want to overtake one opponent right before the finish line to throw away some of that time – one opponent and the finish line can give you up to 30 seconds on your clock!

I always check how much time the finish line will add to my clock in any endurance race after the first lap so I can time it better in the future.

End Stage

That’s the point where every second counts so don’t get into battles with opponents, espcially in turns. Rather wait for a spot where you can easily overtake and don’t risk crashing into him and lose more time – you can overtake them but you will be quick enough to get to the next opponent to not run out of time!


If you leave the track, the only penalty you will get is that all the distance you’re not on the track will not count towards your end result, quite a small penalty actually.

shortcut in endurance race

There are many shortcuts on almost all tracks in Real Racing 3 and you can use them to bypass opponents or to get closer to them quick – losing a few hundred meters and getting 10 additional seconds seems like a good trade to me, right? 😉


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