How To Unlock All Cars In NfS No Limits (Guide)

unlock all cars in need for speed no limits

Every player in Need for Speed No Limits has the ultimate dream of unlocking all cars, right?

Well, it’s not easy to do and for sure a long-term thing but I wanted to write a guide here for all players that will help you to unlock all cars faster. When I say faster, I mean I will go throgh all different ways of unlocking cars in NfS No Limits and telling you which one are good and also which ones you should not use because they are not worth it and slow.

Sounds good enough? Well, then let’s go ????

Best Ways To Unlock Cars In Need For Speed No Limits

I have ordered the different ways that you should use from very useful (top) to not-so-useful (bottom).

Special Events! (Extremely Useful!)

There’s a special event almost every week in Need for Speed No Limits and it always offers getting a fully unlocked and even upgraded car for free.

For free?! Yes.

I know many struggle to complete the special events without using Gold, but it’s actually not that difficult to finish any special event without spendind any Gold at all! You just need to know some simple tricks like lose-towin (not winning races in the first two days to be able to re-play them) and how to farm event credits.

nfs no limits unlock car in special event

All of this would simply beat the length and topic of this guide here, so please find my full guide how to win special events without using gold here. By the way it also shows the upcoming special events 😉

Bottom line, you will get one car unlocked every week and some of them are extremely strong!

Black Market (Sometimes)

Getting blueprints from the Black Market in Need for Speed No Limits is a tough decicsion actually and I think the community still divides in this point.

I personally don’t do it unless there’s a blueprint I want really really bad, for the simple reason that it’s really expensive and unlocking a new car with it will cost you easily 1,000+ Gold.

nfs no limits unlock cars with blueprints from black market

You get about 30-40 Gold every day (read my guide here to see how) so that’s one blueprint every 3 days (when you see it appear in the Black Market actually) – now multiply that by up to 75 – that’s about one year it takes to unlock one single car with this strategy. And I wanted to show the ways that work fast, not the ways that work in general – that’s why I don’t recommend this 🙂

Rather put the 90 Gold into a Premium Crate, this will reward you more upgrade parts or blueprints…

premium crates for gold nfs no limits

Chop Shop (Not Really)

The Chop Shop also offers blueprints for scraps.

So, scraps is a individual currency only used in the Chop Shop and you get it when you sell (scrap) items you don’t want or need or you get duplicate blueprints in a crate for a car that you already maxed out.

unlock cars with chop shop in nfsnl

This sounds really helpful, but there’s a huge problem why I don’t recommend you to get blueprints for scraps in the Chop Shop to unlock cars in Need for Speed No Limits – and that’s the exchange ratio.

If you get a duplicate blueprint, you get only 20% of the value in scraps. This means you need to get 5 blueprints scrapted to get one new blueprint (and we all know how unlikely this is unless you have a garage of maxed out cars already…).

If you see items, you get somewhat between 100 to 5,000 scraps for it – depending on the rarity of the item… You have to sell like dozens of them for a single blueprint, so you’re better off just keeping them if you need them later (e.g. when you unlocked a new car and you want to upgrade it!).

So, only buy upgrade parts in the Chop Shop, never buy blueprints there – it’s just a waste of value!

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