How To Get VIP Points

nfs no limits vip points guide

In this guide here I want to talk a little bit about the VIP status in Need for Speed No Limits, if it’s really that helpful and worth it plus how you can get the VIP Points needed.

Sounds good, let’s go 🙂

VIP Level

There are different VIP Level up to Level 10 in NfS No Limits and each one of them will give you additional perks – let’s have a look at them.

VIP Level 1-3

Each level will give you one extra max fuel to race more in one session plus some extra Gold with every purchase and an extra Event Ticket.

To be honest, that all would be fine but they expire after 30 Days unless you get a new VIP Level within that time – if you go after VIP Level you need to go to Level 4 to get these perks permanently.

nfs no limits vip points

VIP Level 4-6

These are the levels that you can reach without spending high amounts of real money in the Need for Speed No Limits (more on that below), but you need occasional purchases to make these Levels happen.

The perks are nice and the extra fuel helps a lot, especially if you don’t play as frequently during the day – and more Event Tickets aren’t that wrong neither.

VIP Level 7+

More fuel and more Event Tickets but it’s not realistic to aim for that unless you want to spend $200+ on the game actually.

But let’s have a look at the ways you can get VIP Points.

How To Get VIP Points

Since Blackridge Racers got removed there are no ways to get VIP Points in Need for Speed No Limits other than spending real money for regular shop purchases or special offers – no matter how much you flip that coin, it comes down to that.

Well, spending money on a game you’re interested in and that brings a lot of joy to you for many many hours is alright – but how much money we’re talking here?

There’s no fixed amount how many VIp Points you will get for $1 spent, but here are some numbers that I can confirm you.

A regular Gold Pack with 600 Gold will give you 1,500 VIP Points, that’s $30.

To translate that in VIP Levels, here’s how many points you need.

  • Level 1: 100 Points
  • Level 2: 500 Points
  • Level 3: 1,200 Points
  • Level 4: 2,000 Points
  • Level 5: 7,500 Points
  • Level 6: 15,000 Points
  • Level 7: 30,000 Points
  • Level 8: 55,000 Points
  • Level 9: 85,000 Points
  • Level 10: 150,000 Points

I’m not in the position to question the business concept of EA here, but that’s about $3,000 to reach Level 10 and you only get some more max fuel, 40% more Gold for every ADDITIONAL purchase and 3 more event token for that… well, you can ask yourself it that’s worth it to you 😉

So if you REALLY want to go after that use the 30-Day Gold Packs – they will give the best value for the money but still you will pay some serious money for a kind of small benefit…

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