How To Get Free Gold In Need For Speed No Limits + Best Ways To Spend It

get free gold in need for speed no limits

Gold is the premium currency in NfS No Limits and you need it for several things that will speed up your progress in the game – but it’s not easy to get unless you want to spend real money to buy it.

In this article I want to show you the best ways to gain free Gold in a daily base plus also give you some tips what you should spend it on.

Get Free Gold In Need For Speed No Limits

You can get 37 Gold for free every day in NfS No Limits.

I know this number sounds small, but how long did you play the game for? I mean, that’s 1,147 Gold within one month that translate into almost 13 Premium Crates – in one month.

So before you spend hours and hours watching videos that will promise you things that don’t work rather accept the fact that it’s 37 Gold per day and focus on getting them every single day 🙂

Daily Assignments

This is the main thing to do and I want to give you some tipfs for that:

  • 9 Daily Assignments (5 Gold) – you get that easily by doing the other assignments
  • Do 12 Races (2 Gold) – Just do the races but it will automatically complete other daily assignments as well
  • Nitro 60 Seconds (1 Gold) – Should be automatically done when doing your daily races
  • 3 Races In Car Series (2 Gold) – counts towards the 12 races assignment above
  • Drift 800M (2 Gold) – like the nitro assignment, should be done automatically after one or two races
  • Near Miss 10 Cars (2 Gold) – like nitro and drift assignment
  • Use 20 Fuel (2 Gold) – is normally completed when you did your 12 daily races
  • Rebuild 2 Parts (3 Gold) – Keep yourself some low cars that you only use for this assignment and not upgrade outside from that
  • 5 Races In Campaign (2 Gold) – Counts towards the 12 daily races
  • Fill 3 Material Slots (1 Gold) – Also here, have some low end cars that you only fill in parts for that assignment
  • Get 6 Items From Black market (4 Gold) – I know many people skip that but the Black Market but there are exactly 6 things you can get for cash there, 4 items and 2 blueprints, every day. It sounds expensive but in the later stage you will have enough cash to trade that for the 4 Gold.
  • Airborne 30 Seconds (2 Gold) – like the nitro, drift and near miss assignment
  • Do 2 Tuner Trials (4 Gold) – you should farm them every day anyway, so easy as well to do

In total that’s 32 Gold you can get just by doing a couple of races. I normally do the Tuner Trials, do the Campaign Races and the car series required on that day and that will complete most of them without any further ado.

need for speed no limits daily assignments free gold

Then you will also get to watch 5 ads that also will reward you with 1 Gold per video, so that’s another 5 Gold in 2.5 minutes ????

Change Date On Your Device (OUTDATED!)

This one is outdated but I still have it here on the list so you know that it’s not working anymore and don’t waste time doing this.

You can change the date of your device to some point in the future and you will get 1 Gold for each day and can easily gain like hundreds of free Gold in seconds.

Need for Speed No Limits get free gold from changing the date

How To Spend Gold The Right Way

So now let’s talk about spending your hard-earned Gold, for sure the more fun part (but also quicker than earning…).

Basically you want to get the biggest bang for your buck and only spend it on things that will boost your progress

Not On Special Events

Special Events are really good to unlock new cars that you can use and a lot of people struggle to actually complete an event and often times use the “FastTrack To PR” option there if they want a specific car badly.


The reason is simple – first of all it gets really expensive if you choose to use Gold in Special Events but you finish ANY Special Event without spending money or Gold! I have written a guide about it here that you should check out and save yourself a lot of Gold while still getting the cars from Special Events!

Premium Crates

This is actually a great option, especially once you have reached Chapter 13!

If we look at what we can get with Gold, we have…

  • Blueprints (that you can get while playing the game as well)
  • Components (you also get it while playing)
  • Fuel (you get that by waiting

The only thing you can not get is Rare Premium Parts that you need to push a car’s PR further – the only way to get it is from Premium Crates.

premium crates for gold nfs no limits

But here’s the hard part – wait as long as you can to get those Premium Crates for the Gold!

The longer you wait, the more cars you’ve unlocked and the better the parts get you get from the crates, so if you start getting Premium Crates early in the game, you will get those parts for lower cars that aren’t useful in the later stage of the game – you basically wasted your Gold and will regret it.

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