How To Farm Token, Credits & Reputation In Asphalt 9

How To Farm Token, Credits & Reputation In Asphalt 9

Farming is a part of almost any game and Asphalt 9 is no difference when it comes to that. Next to blueprints, you primarily need to farm Token, Credits and also Reputation.

In this guide here I have the best ways to get them as fast as possible and for free – no bullsh*t ” you can buy them from the shop but it does cost money blablabla…. ” tips – well, you know that, I know that, everyone knows that. ????

In my guide I have only valuable tips for you to gain token, credits and reputation faster 🙂

Let’s go.

Farming Tokens In Asphalt 9

Token are really hand yin many situations – but at the same time not that easy to get (compared to credits).

By far the best method is taking part in all Limited Time Events you can find – and there are always several each day, including weekly events where you can get a good place in the leaderboard with some skill.

asphalt 9 token from events

This good place then translates into more or less Token – but even if you are in the Top 50% (which any player that somewhat seriously plays the game can do), you still get a bunch of tokens.

So, do these Limited Time Events!

Also you should race much and frequently in Multiplayer Races – the league rewards are a lot and it’s impossible to get any amount of token close to that by doing anything else in Asphalt 9!

I’ve written a solid guide how you will win in multiplayer here (including the best cars you should use).

asphalt 9 league rewards

Again, Platinum League isn’t impossible to reach – actually it’s easier than you think as you can’t use the highest tier cars in multiplayer 🙂

Third and last best way are the crew milestones. I know that many people in racing games don’t really prefer running in crews and don’t like to join a crew – but in Asphalt 9 it’s really worth it as you will get some nice milestone rewards.

asphalt 9 token from crew milestones

Some of them are token and they are actually also easy to get on your own by farming reputation while playing Asphalt 9 – so, if you don’t have a crew I highly suggest you to find yourself a crew (or if you hate other people, simply create a crew for your own just for the sake of unlocking the milestone rewards).

One other way is also to get 20 Token daily with the daily goals, but that should be something that I don’t need to mind here specifically.

How To Spend Token Best?

A penny saved is a penny earned, right? 😉

I highly recommend you to only spend token on Special Event Packs that have a good featured car – they offer by far the highest value you can get for your tokens instead of paying the insanely high prices in the shop for blueprints or other items.

Farming Credits In Asphalt 9

Credits are easier to obtain but you will also need more of them, especially later when you’re busy upgrading multiple cars at once and prices for upgrades get higher.

In general I can also just recommend you to do the Daily Limited Time Events and also playing multiplayer, like I did already recommend it for getting Token – they have the best payoffs in the game and will boost your progress and give you some nice upgrades on a daily base.

If you’ve done that and still need credits, you can farm them in races.

Here are some races that you can finish fast and get credits for it – simply do them when you have fuel left in the car needed and unlocked the race:

  • Chapter 3 – American Extreme/Race 17 – Roller Coaster Ride: 2,100 Credits in 1 minute
  • Chapter 4 – Class A Novice/Race 9 – Roller Coaster Ride: 2,200 Credits in 45 seconds
  • Chapter 4 – Super Cars 3/Race 11 – Thousand Minarets: 2,400 Credits in 1 minute 20 seconds
  • Chapter 3 – Super Cars 2/Race 12 – Saint Peter’s Kickoff: 2,100 Credits in 1 minute 10 seconds
  • Chapter 3 – Super Cars 2/Race 3 – The Eternal City: 2,000 Credits in 50 seconds
  • Chapter 4 – Euro Showdown/Race 12 – The Eternal City: 2,400 Credits in less than 1 minute

Farming Reputation In Asphalt 9

And speaking of reputation we’re here in the right section with some additional tips how to farm reputation faster in Asphalt 9…

You get reputation for every race so do as many as you can – especially multiplayer give you a lot of reputation with every race that you win.

asphalt 9 reputation points

For normal races you get less than that, but if you still want (or need) to farm additional reputation you can do these races that will give you reputation points in short races:

  • Chapter 2 – Volkswagen XL/Race 8 – Roman Tumble: 31 Reputation in less than 30 seconds
  • Chapter 3 – Italian Ride/Race 12 – Roman Byroads: 33 reputation in about 40 seconds
  • Chapter 4 – Class B Master/Race


I hope you find this helpful, if you like to add any good thing here please drop a comment below 🙂

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