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  • Time Trial Best Break/Acc Points For Best Time (Porsche 911 RSR)

    For helping you get the best time possible in the weekly Time Trial Event, I wanted to write this article where I show you the optimal break points and acceleration points for each Time Trial (I’ll update with each new time trial). Porsche 911 RSR Through The Years Time Trial (May 18th, 2020) This Time […]

  • Real Racing 3 Car Buying Guide

    real racing 3 car buying guide

    I know many people think that they need to get all cars in Real Racing 3, but that is not correct. If you choose the right ones you can finish all the series and save a lot of cash. Getting all cars will cost you R$45,643,695 & 78,710 Gold – without the upgrades. So, if you do […]

  • Car Sales In Real Racing 3 & Which Ones Are Worth It?

    real racing 3 car sales

    Waiting for the right moment can save you a lot of R$ and Gold in Real Racing 3 – I’m talking about car sales. There are always cars that you can grab for 10%, 20% or even 30% off their regular price tag. These sales seem to appear randomly, but there’s more to that and […]

  • Slow Down Bots In Real Racing 3

    slow down bots in rr3

    When I first heard about slowing down bots in Real Racing 3, I thought it is something you can do to break them down and win the race – sounded like a scetchy tactic to me but I was wrong ???? Slowing down bots means you can get easier opponents in your races and that’s […]

  • Real Racing 3 Daily Rewards Calendar

    real racing 3 daily reward schedule

    Every day you simply log in to Real Racing 3, you will get a daily reward and you only need to collect it. It’s worth it, not just because you get it totally for free, it is also a nice amount after all: Up to 110 Gold 300.000 R$ + What you get from the […]

  • How To Win Endurance Races

    win endurance races in real racing 3

    Endurance Races are still considered as one of the most profitable races in Real Racing 3 to farm R$ and Fame, especially when you have the daily bonus active. I know that some of you might struggle with them so I wanted to write this guide – endurance races are the most strategic races and […]

  • How To Win In Multiplayer In Real Racing 3

    real racing 3 multiplayer guide

    Online Multiplayer is the game mode in Real Racing 3 where you actually race against real human opponents – in career mode it only appears to be human players but the cars are raced by bots so you just think they are human. Anyway, racing against real humans is after al the more challenging and […]

  • Real Racing 3 Best Races For Cash & Fame

    best races in real racing 3

    The further you progress in Real Racing, the more expensive the cars and their upgrades get and your progress will get slower and slower. So the only way is to farm older races that you can now beat comfortably to generate some additional R$ and Fame (that will translate into Gold when you hit a […]

  • Drive Faster In Real Racing 3 Without Assists?

    real racing 3 drive faster

    Assists are like sitting in a rocking chair in Real Racing 3 – feels nice and comfortable but you won’t gain ground. I know how helpful and useful these assists feel but how are their effect on your lap times? I did multiple races with different assist setups and without setups and compared the assists […]

  • Real Racing 3 – All Shortcuts & Secret Spots

    all shortcuts in real racing 3

    Shortcuts exist in Real Racing since the very start and are great because you can win races with them that you normally couldn’t win because you would need a better car or Gold upgrades in your car. The reason why they work is easy – when you leave the track your car will get slowed […]