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  • Asphalt 9 Best Cars For Every Class

    asphalt 9 best cars

    Upgrading your cars in Asphalt 9 can take a lot of time and also Token & Credits to star them up – so, wouldn’t it be a bad thing to invest that in a car that isn’t worth it in the long run? In Asphalt 9, you will have to unlock and upgrade a lot […]

  • How To Farm Token, Credits & Reputation In Asphalt 9

    How To Farm Token, Credits & Reputation In Asphalt 9

    Farming is a part of almost any game and Asphalt 9 is no difference when it comes to that. Next to blueprints, you primarily need to farm Token, Credits and also Reputation. In this guide here I have the best ways to get them as fast as possible and for free – no bullsh*t ” […]

  • Asphalt 9 Multiplayer Guide (Best Cars & Tactic) To Become Legend

    asphalt 9 multiplayer guide

        how multiplayer works Best Cars For Multiplayer In Asphalt 9 Not every car works the same in multiplayer in Asphalt 9 as it does in the career races. You will race human opponents and this is something completely different than racing the bots in the normal races. To beat a bot you only […]

  • What Nitro Is Fastest In Asphalt 9?

    best nitro in asphalt 9

    As you might have notices, there are multiple types of nitro that you can use in Asphalt 9 – normal nitro, double nitro, perfect nitro and shockwave. Have you ever asked yourself which one is better and gives you the most speed boost when it comes to your final time? In this guide I will […]

  • Asphalt 9 Life Hacks & Hack Review

    asphalt 9 life hacks

    Asphalt 9 is the freshest part of the popular Asphalt series, probably one of the younger history most popular racing game series that also had huge success on mobile. With so many people out there who wants to be the fastest, it’s no surprise that player like you seek for help by searching for hacks […]