Best Way To Farm Blueprints In Need for Speed No Limits

nfs no limits farm blueprints

Blueprints are the most valuable thing in NfS No Limits, you need them to unlock cars and also upgrade them – and you need a lot of them.

The problem? Well, they are not that easy to get – that’s why I wrote this guide here to show you the best strategy to get blueprints in the long run.

Farming Blueprints In Races

Getting blueprints for Gold in the shop is insanely possible and there’s no way you can farm that much free Gold so you don’t have to spend any real money on it.

Your best choice is to do that through races, even though you can only re-play a certain race three times per day and you’re not guarantueed to actually get your blueprint there.

So, here’s the best strategy to do it.

Find Races For Blueprints

If you select the car in the car menu, you will have the small search bar on the bottom right side – it will show you all possible options where you can get blueprints for that car.

find blueprints nfs nl

You need to make sure to do all the races every day, also for cars that you don’t use now.

Also Farm Blueprints For Other Cars

Now you need to either race these races 3 times or use the next tickets and hope to get as many blueprints as possible – don’t start farming blueprints when you need them, farm them as much and as frequently as you can.

You will be really glad when you need them and already have some 🙂

Prize Pattern For Blueprints

What’s the problem with not getting blueprints? Well, you get the option to select one of three possible prizse while one is the blueprint you want.

mystery prize blueprints nfs nl

I know that many people think that there’s either a fixed pattern or any other way to get a higher chance to select the right prize.

Sorry but there is no such thing

Even though it looks like you can actually do anything to get the blueprint, the prize you will get – no matter what of the three you select – is completely random and based on luck.

Do not mind much, no matter if you always select the middle one or different ones each time, your chances to get the blueprint is always the same.

DON’T Pay The Gold!!!

I know it’s tempting to pay the 30 Gold if you really want that blueprint badly – you’re only missing one and it’s the last possible re-run of that race for the day – but 30 Gold is a pure ripoff!

You are basically paying one third of a Premium Crate to get a 50% chance for one blueprint, think about it and wait for the next day 🙂

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