Best Races To Farm Cash In NfS No Limits

how to get more cash in need for speed no limits

Cash is basically what you always need in Need for Speed No Limits – upgrading, fitting, Black Market, customize, etc…

Time to look at the only source of cash income – the races – a little more closely.

To be precice, I have been checking what races are good to farm cash in NfS No Limits that you should constantly run to stockpile money for your next invest.

The Best Races To Earn Cash

Unlike many other racing games, the fixed reward you get for a race in Need for Speed No Limits is reputation and not cash.

The cash you earn is completely depending on how many special actions you perform – drifts, draft, time in the air, nearly missing traffic cars.

Need for Speed No Limits cash

This makes it a little more interesting but also more difficult to calculate the best race to farm cash, but more on that below.

First of all I like to point out that you will need to do these things as often as possible in every race, even if you can beat a race easily, because this will add up more cash that you get at the end of each race.

nfs nl perfect launch

Always kick off your race with a perfect launch – I know it’s not easy on some cars but it will give you a nice bonus.

You should also focus on drifting in almost every turn, always! I know it’s sometimes annoying but every drift adds up cash and it’s more annoying to have to run more races because you earn less.

I think you get the point and I don’t need to list here every single action 😉

Best Races

So, when the amount of cash you can get is flexible and depends on how you do the race, how can I tell you shich race is the best to farm cash?

The thing is the best races are the ones where you have many possibilities to drift, be in the air, and so on.

I have run every race a couple of times and the rewards are different and using the same car and doing as many special actions as possible make them still different – up to 30%!

The limit you have is also fuel – you can’t re-run races as often as you want to, you have to wait until fuel refills (or pay for a refill).

The goal is to get as many cash per fuel, so here’s my favorite races to farm cash with.

The thing is, you can only re-run a race 3 times per day, so you need to have multiple ones – here’s the order how I do it every day:

  • Chapter 3 Race 5 (Nitro Alley): A ton of Nitro Zones that you can easily get plus long turns that are perfect for long drifts will give you the best cash per fuel spent in the entire game. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s quite short (only 1 fuel needed), so you have to run more races to get the highest cash income.
  • Chapter 4 Race 6 (Sound of Sirens): If you don’t have much time use this race to farm cash – it’s longer than Nitro Alley and gets almost as much cash per fuel and has a ton of amazing drift spots for long drifts that will add up cash.
  • Chapter 1 Race 5 (Storn Highway)
  • Chapter 3 Race 8 (Wheely Fast)
  • Chapter 16 Race 5 (Breakthrough)
  • Chapter 2 Race 5 (Learn to fly)
  • Chapter 2 Race 8 (Lessons To Learn)

As you can see, the best races are not even the ones that are in the later chapters, they are actually the ones that you can start doing really early in the game, what I really like 🙂

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