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Best Multiplayer Cars In Asphalt 8 + Tips To Win

Multiplayer is for sure one of the most excipting game modes in Asphalt 8 because you can race human opponents rather than bots. Also the rewards make it worth your time.

That’s why I decided to write a full multiplayer guide with not only tips from having played throusands of multiplayer races, I will also give you my personal Top 10 of cars that you should use for multiplayer (different from my list of best cars for normal races in Asphalt 8).

Best Tips For Multiplayer

reach elite league in asphalt 8

Tip #1 – Avoid Early Knockdown

If you’re in the pole positon or a top position when the race starts there are always fast accelerating cars that can easily knock you out right after the start. I personally do break a little bit right after the start so they will bump into me.

This prevents that I get knocked down and them crashing into me will push me forward a little bit. The cars next to you will get a little bit ahead but that’s a lot better than being knocked down and you can easily catch up during the race.

Tip #2 – Use Strong Nitro Rather Than Normal Nitro

While normal races are about speed, multiplayer races are more about tactics and getting into the mind of your opponents. If you use normal nitro you can run a larger distance but I normally use perfect nitro or at least double nitro because it will get other players nervous when you chase them fast. Often times you will see them crash because they got scared that you take over too fast 😎

asphalt 8 knocdown

Tip #3 – Nitro Bottle Strategy

There are two important things about the nitro bottles:

  1. If an opponent chases you let them come closer to you so you can take the nitro bottles before they respawn and have them without any nitro – this prevents that they can catch up or even knock you down with nitro. Needs some skill and experience but works great to defend your position in multiplayer
  2. If there are multi nitro bottles always aim for one and then switch over to the other as late as possible – opponents behind you will go for the other one when they see you aiming for a specific bottle so you can grab them away because there’s no way they can change their aiming in time. E.g. aim for the right and then take the left – your opponent will aim for the left prior and then get no nitro bottle at all 🙂

Tip #4 – Never Drive With Nitro

Don’t drive at full speed with a full nitro bar to wait for a situation to use it – every second will make others get ahead or catch up to you – if your nitro bar is full, use the nitro!

Top Cars For Multiplayer

Now let’s jump into the list of best cars for multiplayer races in Asphalt 8.

The difference I’m making a seperate list here is because Multiplayer Races work a lot differently compared to career or other races where much is tierd to the Class of a car. In multiplayer, your PR of your car is the most important thing that will get you matched up so a faster car is not neccessarily better beause it gets matches with faster car.

What you want is a car that is superior in individual stats compared to the PR – you can get to the highest league with a Class C or Class D car if you have the right one.

Since the last update balance changes acceleration is the absolutely best stat in multiplayer!

Here are the best cars without any specific order but those are the ones that perform best in multiplayer in Asphalt 8.

Donkervoort D8 GTO

A great car for multiplayer races with very high acceleration and it will be great to dominate multiplayer races.

The only downside why I don’t have it higher on my favorite list is that it has 4 km/h slower top speed than the DeZir and with 2,375 Token purchase price it’s also quite expensive. If you got it you can take it without much doubt.

Lamborghini Miura

lamborghini miura asphalt 8An oldie but goldie and very viable in multiplayer – The Lamborghini Miura pairs nice acceleration with good top speed, nitro efficiency and has great handling and drifting. THis makes it one of the best cars here on the list and outstanding easy to drive as well.

The only downside is that it’s relatively hard to gain points after reaching Champion because at this rank range you’ll only gain 1-2 points per race – reaching Elite will be a tough one but still this car performs well.

ED Design Torq

What looks like a roach and has the craziest acceleration paired with insane effective nitro and good top speed? Exactly, the ED Design Torq. And it is one of the most powerful cars to use in multiplayer in Asphalt 8, althought the handling got nerfed pretty badly in the latest balance changes.

You will need 15 rare blueprints to unlock it but once you did that it’s totally worth it and you’re ready to dominate in multiplayer races.

Renault Alpine Celebration

If you want to really have the absolutelyl best low range multiplayer car you need to go with the Renault Alpine Celebration – for that range you will simply dominate.

The only downside? It needs legendary blueprints to unlock and that makes it quite hard and you should only go for it if you want to push really high and invest the time for that, otherwise the Honda S2000 is a great choice.

Audi R8 SE

audi r8 SEMany of us call this car Gameloft’s big crush because this car is always OP and probably will ever be. At stock, the acceleration feels pretty low but maxing acceleration and handling will only increase 10 ranks on your R8 SE.

I don’t know what I should say more than this rather than this car is one of the kings in multiplayer.

Sbarro Sparta

sbarro spartaConsidered as the fastes Class C car this one also performs now really well in multiplayer – it had a rought time during the last year and many people avoided using it in multiplayer but with the recent update it’s stronger than ever in multiplayer and a great choice.

McLaren MP4-25

There’s a lot of changes and right now the McLaren MP4-25 is a king on the road since the last update and has come to dominate all.

I’m not sure how this all should work out in the future but if you have this car you really want to take it to the multiplayer race tracks asap and dominate!

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