Author: The Boss Hoss

  • Time Trial Best Break/Acc Points For Best Time (Porsche 911 RSR)

    For helping you get the best time possible in the weekly Time Trial Event, I wanted to write this article where I show you the optimal break points and acceleration points for each Time Trial (I’ll update with each new time trial). Porsche 911 RSR Through The Years Time Trial (May 18th, 2020) This Time […]

  • Upcoming Special Events in Need For Speed No Limits + How To Win Them

    need for speed no limits special events 2020

    Special Events are a great way to get unique and great cars in Need for Speed No Limits without spending any money or Gold. Yes, without spending anything – if you do it the right way. In this guide here I will show you how you can unlock the special event car in any special […]

  • Real Racing 3 Car Buying Guide

    real racing 3 car buying guide

    I know many people think that they need to get all cars in Real Racing 3, but that is not correct. If you choose the right ones you can finish all the series and save a lot of cash. Getting all cars will cost you R$45,643,695 & 78,710 Gold – without the upgrades. So, if you do […]

  • Best Multiplayer Cars In Asphalt 8 + Tips To Win

    asphalt 8 multiplayer guide

    Multiplayer is for sure one of the most excipting game modes in Asphalt 8 because you can race human opponents rather than bots. Also the rewards make it worth your time. That’s why I decided to write a full multiplayer guide with not only tips from having played throusands of multiplayer races, I will also […]

  • Asphalt 9 Best Cars For Every Class

    asphalt 9 best cars

    Upgrading your cars in Asphalt 9 can take a lot of time and also Token & Credits to star them up – so, wouldn’t it be a bad thing to invest that in a car that isn’t worth it in the long run? In Asphalt 9, you will have to unlock and upgrade a lot […]

  • Car Sales In Real Racing 3 & Which Ones Are Worth It?

    real racing 3 car sales

    Waiting for the right moment can save you a lot of R$ and Gold in Real Racing 3 – I’m talking about car sales. There are always cars that you can grab for 10%, 20% or even 30% off their regular price tag. These sales seem to appear randomly, but there’s more to that and […]

  • Asphalt 8 Best Cars In Each Class To Get

    best cars in asphalt 8 for each class

    Some cars are better than others – I think this applies everywhere, also in Asphalt 8. With so many cars available in the game you always have a hard choice which one to get and also which one to max out. It takes a lot of time and credits to max out a car in […]

  • How To Farm Token, Credits & Reputation In Asphalt 9

    How To Farm Token, Credits & Reputation In Asphalt 9

    Farming is a part of almost any game and Asphalt 9 is no difference when it comes to that. Next to blueprints, you primarily need to farm Token, Credits and also Reputation. In this guide here I have the best ways to get them as fast as possible and for free – no bullsh*t ” […]

  • How To Unlock All Cars In NfS No Limits (Guide)

    unlock all cars in need for speed no limits

    Every player in Need for Speed No Limits has the ultimate dream of unlocking all cars, right? Well, it’s not easy to do and for sure a long-term thing but I wanted to write a guide here for all players that will help you to unlock all cars faster. When I say faster, I mean […]

  • Asphalt 9 Multiplayer Guide (Best Cars & Tactic) To Become Legend

    asphalt 9 multiplayer guide

        how multiplayer works Best Cars For Multiplayer In Asphalt 9 Not every car works the same in multiplayer in Asphalt 9 as it does in the career races. You will race human opponents and this is something completely different than racing the bots in the normal races. To beat a bot you only […]