Asphalt 9 Multiplayer Guide (Best Cars & Tactic) To Become Legend

asphalt 9 multiplayer guide



how multiplayer works

Best Cars For Multiplayer In Asphalt 9

Not every car works the same in multiplayer in Asphalt 9 as it does in the career races.

You will race human opponents and this is something completely different than racing the bots in the normal races.

To beat a bot you only need to beat its time and that’s it – a human player will do anything to get ahead – in you will see that very early in multiplayer mode as the races are a lot more aggressive.


People often complaint that matchmaking is unfair because it appears to always see stronger opponents in multiplayer – but you need to understand that matchmaking will match you on your players ratinga nd not your cars rating.

This is important because you need to use your best car possible for multiplayer – the lower your car is  (compared to your player rating), the harder the opponents will be.

Car Restriction

S-Class and A-Class cars are normally restricted to play multiplayer for everyone as well as some other cars that change from season to season – this is the way how Asphalt 9 wants us to also upgrade cars that we don’t actually use much anymore.

Still, there are some evergreen choices that you should focus on upgrading early to use them in multiplayer – and I will show you these cars now.

Best D-Class Car For Multiplayer

When you start out playing Asphalt 9 or multiplayer mode, you should start using the DS Automobiles DS E-Tense – don’t mind the top speed, the high acceleration will make up for it easily and make it the perfect car to start playing multiplayer. Keep upgrading it!

When you get the Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI SCAT PACK you should start working on that car. It has high top speed, acceleration and nitro as well and you don’t need to mind the handling that much actually. This is the car you will spend a lot of time on so pumping in credits for upgrades is no mistake at all.

best d class car for multiplayer in asphalt 9

The absolutely best car in the D-Clashh for multiplayer is the Ford Shelby GT350 with a amazing acceleration – still the Dodge will be your car of choice for a long time because it’s not easy to get blueprints for the Shelby and it takes some time to unlock/upgrade it properly.

Best C-Class Car For Multiplayer

I’d recommend you to start with the Lotus Evora Sport 410. It’s easy to unlock and has a good acceleration pared with decent top speed and will give you some nice results in the beginning.

best c class car for multiplayer in asphalt 9

As soon as you can unlock the Mercedes AMG GT S you should start using this car after having put some upgrades in it. It has better top speed and nitro than the Lotus but still a great acceleration. A little better than the AMG GT S is the BMW M4 GTS so if you got this car unlocked already or soon you can also skip the Mercedes. If you already upgraded the Mercedes pretty well and haven’t done much on the M4 you should rather target the Pinnifarina H2 Speed.

The H2 Speed is the best car in the C-Class to use for multiplayer mode in Asphalt 9 with insane acceleration and good nitro.

Best B-Class Car For Multiplayer

Your B_Class car should get you to the Legend League if you know what you’re doing and upgrade it well enough 🙂

Here’s my order of cars that work great for multiplayer

  1. SCG 003S
  2. Ferrari 488 GTB
  3. Cadillac Cien Concept
  4. Lamborghini Asterion
  5. Ford GT
  6. Exotic Rides W70

best b class car for multiplayer in asphalt 9

They all have great acceleration paired with good other stats and will get you to Legend League once you have upgrade them well enough, especially the SCG, Ferrari and Cadillac work very well 🙂

Extra Tips For Multiplayer

Prevent 360 Knockouts

Players that use 360, especially at the start, are in 99% players that play on touch play mode – this is important to know because they don’t steer their car and automatically will always race in the center lane most of the time.

And you?

Well, you can prevent getting knocked out by them by simply staying more on the side of the track so those players won’t reach you ????

What’s The Crown?

You will always see one player having a crown ???? symbol next to his name – this just shows which player has the highest rating in your current matchup, nothing else 🙂

Don’t Finish Bad Races

If you mess up a race and you see that you won#t make a good place, you can crash your car and immediately quit the race and won’t lose any points for that race.

This doesn’t work indefinately but you can do this at least once per day – and if you count up the numbers that you don’t lose when doing this at least once per day you can easily see in which league you would have been at the end of the season ????

asphalt 9 legend league

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