Asphalt 9 Life Hacks & Hack Review

asphalt 9 life hacks

Asphalt 9 is the freshest part of the popular Asphalt series, probably one of the younger history most popular racing game series that also had huge success on mobile. With so many people out there who wants to be the fastest, it’s no surprise that player like you seek for help by searching for hacks or cheats for Asphalt 9 Legends.

I took a lot of time testing all the life hacks out there for Asphalt 9 to see which ones actually work and I also tested some hacks that require 3rd party tools (use with caution because they are not allowed)

3-2-1 Go!

Life Hacks in Asphalt 9 – Make Sure To Use Them

Let’s kick this review off with the different life hacks that I found and tested. They all don’t require any 3rd party tool or anything else that is against the game rules so you can use them without any problem.

Life Hack #1 – Use The “Right” Nitro

First of all, I’d like to show you which nitro to use in what situation. There are three different kinds of nitro in Asphalt 9 Legends:

  • Regular Nitro (Orange): The normal one that lasts 7 seconds
  • Perfect Nitro (Blue): Will speed you up faster than normal but only last 5 seconds
  • Shockwave (Purple): Lasts only 3 seconds but will destroy any car that you touch and boosts most

different nitros in asphalt 9

The rules for nitro is pretty easy. Use the regular nitro when you don’t have a full nitro bar. The only situation where you should use the perfect nitro is when starting a race (see more below) or when your car got destroyed and you need to regain speed quickly.

Normally you should always try to wait until you have a full nitro bar to get the shockwave nitro with the highest speed boost and the additional ability to take down other cars by only touching them.

orget anything you might remember from other games or earlier Asphalt games – no matter when you use the nitro, it will ALWAYS boost your speed. This opens a lot more perspectives:

nitro mid airYou can easily start the shockwave nitro when you’re in the air. This is really great because your nitro bar will refill while you have the perfect nitro going on and it will last longer.

Also, you can start it while you’re currently within a 360-degree and it will boost you the same as if you would do it going straight!

Life Hack #2 – Initial Start Boost

initial boost cheat in Aspahlt 9When the race starts in Asphalt 9, you should wait about 1-2 seconds and then do a 360-degree and then activate nitro directly and get the perfect nitro (blue). This will ,often times, boost you in front of some competitors and is the best way to start any race.

Life Hack #3 – How to destroy cop cars in Asphalt 9

asphalt 9 hack to destroy copsThe cop cars can be a huge pain in Asphalt 9 and their cars are not easy to take down. If you have problems dealing with them, there are some easy cheats that will help you out. When you have a cop car next to you or they surround you, use the 360-degree (double-tap the break button) and you will easily destroy them.

The second one is trying to save up your nitro to have a full bar available and then use the shockwave nitro (purple bar, double-tap nitro when it’s completely filled).

This is a situation perfect for doing either the 360-degree or shockwave in Asphalt 9:

If you don’t they will slow you down extremely!

Life Hack #4 – Trade Tokens!

trade tokensUnlocking and upgrading all cars is not a sprint in Asphalt 9, it’s an endurance race. I mean you have to go for the long-term strategy if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Trade Tokens are something you will get when you already have a maxed car but still get blueprints for it (from daily battles or anything). So make sure that you still do these races even when you already have that car maxed as you can use the Trade Tokens to get blueprints for rare cars.

The more you progress, the more you will get and this will help you unlock the cars that you’re not having already.

Life Hack #5 – Get to a high league for tons of Tokens & Credits

Be active in multiplayer is probably the thing you have to do most after you finished your first career races. Not only is multiplayer more fun, it will also rank you in a higher league and this higher league offers a lot higher rewards than anything else.

Many people think they will need a maxed out car, but in fact that is just about doing the multiplayer races on a regular base and you can get pretty far by just doing a few races every day. The 500k Credits and 600 Tokens will also be a nice incentive along with the Legend Pack!

Life Hack #6 – Your Crew helps to get Tokens

crew milestones in asphalt 9Get a good crew, that’s what you hear everywhere. With “good” they actually mean an active crew – the more active your crew is, the more milestones you crew will unlock during a season. The milestone rewards are actually very sweet and will boost your progress a lot with a couple hundred thousand credits and hundreds of tokens every season. If your crew is not active just go out there and find another one, it’s pretty easy to find a one with mostly active racers.

Life Hack #7 – Farm Daily Events

Always check the daily events, even if that seems annoying and a lot to do. Start doing that as a daily routine and you will see that it won’t be that difficult to rank in the Top 10% for a nice sweet extra Tokens.

daily events in asphalt 9

It won’t sound much but in the end that is 600 to 900 Token every month you will get – as I said, it’s about the long-term strategy in Aspahlt 9.

Life Hack #8 – Ad Packs…

drop rate ad packsInside the shop, you find the option to watch an ad and get a pack in return. In the beginning, it is a nice option because the blueprints you get there will help you unlock cars that you’re using in the career at the beginning anyway, but later they will become less and less helpful. The drop rate for credits and tokens are not high and even if you get them, it’s only 8,000 Credits or 5/10 Tokens.

Tips for the Legend Shop in Asphalt 9

Now here some final tips on how to use your Credits and Tokens best in the Legends Store – a penny saved is a penny earned, right?

No, honestly, you can really burn your Credits and Tokens in the shop if you don’t spend them smart.

The most important rules:

  • Never buy blueprints for common cars in the shop (not with Credits, not with Tokens!)
  • With every blueprint you buy, the next one for that car will get more expensive! Never buy more than 5 blueprints of a rare or epic car using Tokens or more then 2 using Credits!

Cheats & Hacks in Asphalt 9 – Caution

One word of caution first, these here are against all kinds of fair play and using 3rd party tools that are not allowed in Asphalt 9. For educational uses only.

Hack #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

Let’s start with the probably most-promoted hack out there, the generators.:

The generators (also called hack tools) for Asphalt 9 are almost everywhere. They do look a little different from time to time but after all they pretty much work the same. You put in your in-game name, the amount of Tokens and Credits and hit the generate button and they will add it to your account.

After all, they all work the same way – they don’t. They can’t access anything on the servers so they can’t work at all so do not waste your time with them.

Hack #2 – Pack Opener Bot

Every 4 hours you will get a free pack in Asphalt 9 that contains not that special blueprints but it’s free. The problem is… you can’t open every 4 hours without logging in and you probably have enough other duties and sleep requirements in your life to open them manually 😉

open free pack bot asphalt 9

I found a bot that does exactly that – simply open them every 4 hours when they become available again.

The problem was that you need to have one device with Asphalt 9 running all the time in order to let that bot do the job! This makes it far out of reasonable to risk your account for such a small amount of extra rare blueprints

Hack #3 – Auto Race Bot

I also found a bot that will do races for you so you can farm credits and races as soon as your fuel is back up – sounds very tempting to have a bot farming all of the races non-step for you, right?

In reality the bot crashed a lot and also the performance was pretty bad so often times it finished last, especially in multiplayer to make it actually a viable option – most of the time I ended up having empty fuel when I actually wanted to play and it didn’t get that much from the races to make it work out bottom line. Can’t recommend it!

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