Asphalt 9 Best Cars For Every Class

asphalt 9 best cars

Upgrading your cars in Asphalt 9 can take a lot of time and also Token & Credits to star them up – so, wouldn’t it be a bad thing to invest that in a car that isn’t worth it in the long run? In Asphalt 9, you will have to unlock and upgrade a lot of cars to finish your career series, but you don’t want to actually max all of these cars and don’t need to do that to finish a series.

Finally updated this list with the latest cars & changes 🙂

Best Class D Cars in Asphalt 9

aspahlt 9 best class D car porsche 911 targa

Let’s have a look at the recent changes and in my opinion this is the order of the Class D cars right now:

  1. Porsche 911 Targa
  2. Dodge Challenger Hemi
  3. Ford Shelby GT350R
  4. Ginetta G60
  5. Lotus Elise
  6. Porsche 718 Cayman
  7. Chevrolet Camaro GS
  8. DS e-Tense
  9. Volkswagen XL Sport
  10. Nissan 370Z NISMO
  11. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
  12. BMW Z4

I think it’s not that much of a surprise that the Z4 is the worst car here and the Lancer and 370Z aren’t that much better in my opinion.

For me the Lotus Elise is ranked a little higher than the Porsche 718 Cayman for the reason that there are several tracks where the Lotus simply performs better, e.g. Carribean to name one.

With the release of the Ginetta I thought it will dominate but I actually founds that it’s not that superior but still a very solid car in Class D.

The Dodge and the Ford are actually pretty much the same and I wouldn’t start any discussion about it because they are so close to each other that we can say both of them are second-best in this class.

The crown in the D Class is for sure for the Porsche 911 Targa simply because it has the highest top speed and a skilled player will dominate every track with this car.

Best Class C Cars in Asphalt 9

aspahlt 9 best class C car vencer sarthe

Let’s move on to Class C and there hasn’t been much changes lately:

  1. Vencer Sarthe
  2. Acura NSX
  3. Pinifarina H2
  4. Maserati Alfieri
  5. BMW M4 GTS
  6. Mercedes-Benz AMG
  7. Dodge Viper ACR
  8. Rezvani Beast X
  9. Lotus Evora Sport
  10. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
  11. BWM 3.0 CSL Hommage
  12. Dodge Challenger SRT8

Since the last nerf the Challenger is last and actually just a pretty useless car overall. The Camaro is decent on some tracks but that’s actually not enough to rank it higher on this list, in my opinion.

The AMG and the M4 are actually pretty decent choices, especially when looking at the point where you can get them in Asphalt 9. They are not that easy to drive but in the hands of a skilled driver they can perform quite well.

The Vencer Sarthe is still the best car when looking at the times. I know the nitro efficiency is not that great but the top speed and handling make up for that in the long run.

Best Class B Cars in Asphalt 9

aspahlt 9 best class B car apollo N

Let’s have a look at Class B now and there have been some changes lately

  1. Apollo N
  2. Lamborghini Huracan
  3. Chevrolet Corvette GS
  4. Mercedes Benz SLR
  5. Sin R1
  6. Ferrari F12tdf
  7. SCG 003S
  8. Ferrari 488 GTB
  9. Cadillac Cien
  10. Lamborghini Asterion
  11. Ford GT
  12. Exotic Rides W70
  13. Jaguar F-Type
  14. Aston Martin DB11
  15. Porsche 911 GTS

I think the last places don’t need some extra words here as they are simply the weakest cars in Class B.

The Cadillac Cien does outrank the Lamborghini Asterion in my opinion because it has a higher top speed and with some skill, it can do better overall on most tracks.

For the Mercedes Benz SLR, Sin R1 and Ferrari F12tdf you can let me know in the comments if you agree, for me they are similar although different when it comes to stats. I’d always pick the Sin R1 over the F12tdf for sure. The SLR has better handling but lower top speed but I found that it can still beat both, the F12tdf and the Sin R1 on most tracks so I ranked it higher.

The Apollo N is the best car although the Huracan is able to beat it on some tracks – both are great cars but the Apollo is still slightly better overall if you ask me.

Best Class A Cars in Asphalt 9

aspahlt 9 genty akylone

Now we’re getting to the second-highest class in Asphalt 9 and there are some changes recently that made me come up with this ranking:

  1. Genty Akylone
  2. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta
  3. Pagani Huayara BC
  4. McLaren 570S
  5. Porsche 918
  6. VLF Force One
  7. Lamborghini Aventador J
  8. Ferrari 812 Superfast
  9. Lamborghini Aventador SV
  10. McLaren P1
  11. Ferrari LaFerrari
  12. Dodge Viper GTS
  13. Ferrari J50
  14. Aston Martin Vulcan
  15. Nissan GT NISMO

I think places 9 to 15 are pretty close to each other and I think you could discuss with me one or another placement there. Still, I think overall those cars are placed that low for a reason and looking at the total times on events you won’t see them in the top lists that much anyway.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is better than the Aventador SV for sure just because of the stats but overall the Aventador J is stronger.

The Porsche 918 and the VLF Force One used to be superior in Class A and very similar when it comes to performance overall and if you did upgrade them enough they are still a viable option. I think the Porsche 918 is a little bit better because of the better acceleration that will give you an edge on shorter tracks.

The McLaren 570S has the highest top speed in Class A in Asphalt 9 but you can only use that efficiently on the longer tracks so I ranked it lower than the Pagani. The LaFerrari Aperta is slightly stronger than the Pagani and the Akylone is the best choice right now in Class A on most tracks. It’s just about raw stats.

Best Class S Cars in Asphalt 9

aspahlt 9 best class S car koeniggsegg jesko

Alright, let’s go over the fastest class now and I think this is what we can discuss most on:

  1. Koenigsegg Jesko
  2. Bugatti Chiron
  3. Koenigsegg Regera
  4. Trion Nemesis
  5. W Motos Fenyr Supersport
  6. Zenvo TS1
  7. Lamborghini Terzo Millenio
  8. W Motors Lykan Hypersport
  9. Icona Vulcano
  10. Lamborghini Egoista
  11. Ferrari FXX-K
  12. Lamborghini Centenario

Place 12 to 7 are pretty clear when looking at the stats in my opinion and those are also the cars that get the worst times compared to the other ones.

The Zenvo TS1 is pretty strong but has a poor nitro efficiency so I had no other option than potting it on place 6.

The Trion Nemesis appears a lot stronger now and there are tracks where it can actually beat the Koenigsegg Regera so for that reason I have it on 4th place.

The Chiron used to be the best car but since the release of the Jesko it’s simply not the best car in Class S in Asphalt 9 anymore. It has a slightly worst acceleration and nitro efficiency than the Chiron but the handling is so much better than you can pull off better times consistently with better top speed.

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