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asphalt 8 special moves

For many tasks youÄre required to do a certain amount of special moves in Asphalt 8 – that’s why I decided to write this guide here to show you how you perform each of these moves perfectly.

Special Moves In Asphalt 8

Let’s not waste any more time and directly go into the details.

special moves asphalt 8

How To Do A Flat Spin

A flat spin is when you do a 360° – but you need to be in mid-air to do it, there’s no other way to perform this stunt. A flat spin is basically about timing, so here’s how to do it.

how to flat spin in asphalt 8

  • Drive towards a ramp straight
  • As soon as you are on the ramp hit the break (middle of image) and steer either to the left or to the right a little bit
  • Enjoy the view 🙂

That’s it, you just did a flat spin.

You should start doing that on each ramp you take because you can knockout other players while you’re in the air and your nitro bar will charge 25% for each full 360° you spin.

How To Do A Barrel Roll

A barrel roll is when your car rolls to the left or to the right and can be done in two different ways:

  1. Using a curved ramp, this will do it automatically without further ado
  2. Going over a regular ramp on the side

I don’t think there’s much that I need to tell you about going over a curved ramp, it’s obvious and easy to do it.

However, on some tracks you won’t find any curved ramp and you can do it over a regular ramp as well.

barrel roll asphalt 8

Simply go straight for the ramp but when you approach, you will go to the left or to the right so your car is only on the ramp with two wheels – this will also automatically make you perform a barrel roll in Asphalt 8.

But please only do it when you’re fast enough or you will land on your rooftop and smash your car 😉

How To Do A Drift

Drifting is a very important special move in Asphalt 8 that will help you go through turns faster and also fill up your nitro bar quicker.

To drift you simply tap the break one short time and steer to the direction you want to drift and then hold your car in position to not end your drift by smashing a wall. There’s no need to stay on the break, only one short break at the beginning of your drift is needed.

How To Do A Perfect Nitro

There are several kinds of nitro and I want to show you the different ones as well as the best situations to use each of them.

There are actually 4 different nitros that you can use:

  • Level 1 Nitro (Blue): Has the lowest speed boost but also last the longest
  • Level 2 Nitro (Orange): If you trigger nitro again when you have Level 1 Nitro but not in the “Perfect Nitro” area. Larger speed boost but also last shorter than Level 1 Nitro.
  • Level 3 (Purple): If you activate nitro again when you have Level 2 Nitro you get this super strong nitro that only last shortt
  • Perfect Nitro (Purple/Orange): Duration of Level 2 nitro with the speed increase of the Level 3 nitro. You need to activate this when the bar is in the “red zone”. Only becomes available when your nitro bar is filled to more than half.

asphalt 8 perfect nitro

But what nitro works best?

Well, looking at the raw boost the perfect nitro is always the best option – you get the highest boost but it will last longer than Level 3 nitro.

But it’s no drag race and you need to adapt to your surrounding conditions!

In general you should use the Level 1 Nitro for long straights or turns that are not tight so you can get the longest speed increase. Level 2 & Level 3 Nitro is only useful when you just slowed down and need to accelerate fast but your nitro bar is less than half filled, so it’s okay to waste some potential. Otherwise always aim for the perfect nitro because it last longer than the Level 3 Nitro but has the same speed boost.

How To Do A Perfect Run

You get the perfect run bonus when you avoid getting knocked down, touching walls or wrecked for 20 seconds. You can knock out other cars, this will not affect your perfect run.

I know many believe this is doing the whole race without touching anything, but 20 seconds is all you need 🙂

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