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All Car Sales In Real Racing 3

Waiting for the right moment can save you a lot of R$ and Gold in Real Racing 3 – I’m talking about car sales.

There are always cars that you can grab for 10%, 20% or even 30% off their regular price tag.

These sales seem to appear randomly, but there’s more to that and you will find all info about it here in my guide (that also include frequent updates about upcoming car sales).

In the first section I want to show you how you can get cars from the career series for a cheaper price and the second part will show you (weekly updated!) a list of the current and upcoming car sales.

Sale For Unlocked Cars

There’s no fixed algorithm for it, but as soon as you unlock a new car in the career series there’s a good chance that you will see a one-time car sale for that car.

car on sale in real racing 3

I can only recommend you to be prepared for that and if you want to get the car and you know the price – just make sure that you have enough Gold or R$ so you can get the car if you will see the sale offer. This sale offer is only appearing one time and if you dismiss it it will be gone and you will have to pay the full price!!!

By the way, if you don’t know which cars you should really get (you don’t need all of them!), make sure to check out my car buying guide here πŸ™‚

Please mind! There’s no guarantuee that any car will give you a sale, but in most cases the cars that cost Gold will offer a sale and about half of the cars you can buy with R$ will do as well.

Current & Upcoming Car Sales

No let’s see what sales we have – I update this as much as I can also with upciming sales if they are somewhere in the code so I can leak them πŸ™‚

CHEVROLET CORVETTE C7.R & FERRARI 488 GT3(August 27th – September 2nd)

You can get the Corvette C7.R for 455 Gold instead of 650 Gold but it’s only available for the2016 Series of Endurance GT Racing, so if you already bought the Ford GT Le Mans three weeks ago you don’t need it anymore. I personally also don’t see a lot use for this car sale unless you’re a huge fan and have the Gold lying around.

The Farrari also has 20% off and now costs 600 Gold. I really love how it looks, simply amazing, but you will only use it for the 2018 season in the IMSA Group and just for that the 600 Gold plus the more than 1,000 Gold for upgrades is a little too expensive to make it a sweet deal in my opinion.

CADILLAC DPI-VR & LAMBORGHINI HURACAN LP 610-4 (August 20th – August 26th)

595 Gold instead of 850 Gold is the sale price with 30% during this weeks sale for this beauty.

It has two series that you can use it (IMSA Expedition and 2018 Series IMSA) but you will still need to pump about 1,500 additional Gold into the car to complete both of them.

360 Gold for this nice Lambo? Yes, with 20% off the price is not bad actually – and there are 5 bonus series in ELITE where you can use it and most of them only have cars that cost Gold available. If you see the Gold you can get there without Gold upgrades you barely won’t pay anything for this car and maxing out will also come quite cheap with less than 500 Gold when you count in the bonus you get from the bonus series (if you haven’t completed them yet). In my opinion a nice deal πŸ™‚

FORD GT LE MANS & McLAREN 650S GT3 (August 13th – August 19th)

Ford GT Le MansSave 30% on the Ford GT Le Mans and get it for 420 rather than 650 Gold. Althought it’s a crazy beautiful car there’s not really a benefit from getting it because you can use it in the Endurance Race career series that you probably already completed. Unless you really want that car you should not think much about this sale.

mclaren 650s gt3 saleThe other sale is for the McLaren 650S GT3 in this week. You might now be a little confused, right? Yes, this car is available for 2.5 million R$ and you get a discount of 20% of the Get It Now price of 450 Gold. It’s useful, yes, because there are two bonus series in Elite (International Powermatch and Automotive Mastery) that this car is qualified for Β and can run in very well, but rather save the Gold for upgrades and pay the R$ for it is my recommendation.

HENNESEY VENOM GT & McLAREN 600LT (August 6th – August 12th)

hennesey venom gt sale

In this weeks sale you can get the Hennesey Venom GT with a whopping 30% off for 665 Gold instead of 950 Gold.

It’s a beautiful car without any doubt but rather one for the fans. You can use it in Breakneck Legends bonus series as well as in the Hypercar Charge, but you will need to invest another 900 Gold to upgrade it far enough to beat those bonus series (especially the Hypercar Charge. There’s also an exclusive series for this car available so if you have the Gold and live the car you should think about it.

McLaren 600LT saleThe other car in this weeks sale is the McLaren 600LT and you can also save 30% here and get it for 420 Gold instead of 600 Gold. The price might be something you would think about but the only benefit is that you can use it in the Supercar Revelations Bonus Series and need to put another 771 Gold into it to get that series to 100% completion. Not the best deal if you ask me.

LANCIA LC2 (July 30th – August 5th)

You can save 20% off the regular price tag of 900 Gold and get it for 720 Gold during this weeks car sale in Real Racing 3. It can be used in its own new bonus series and the Endurance 2019 bonus series as well, however, you won’t make it that far without bonus upgrades, especially in the LC2 bonus series so you will need to add more than 1,000 Gold to upgrade it properly for that.

PORSCHE 962C (July 23rd – July 29th)

Instead of 800 Gold you can get it with 20% discount for 640 Gold and can be used for the Limited Time Series. As iconic this car is, there’s not that much use outside of that and showcasing it in your car collection and you will also need about 900 Gold in upgrades to really get it to the maximum and use it properly.

MERCEDES-AMG C 63 TOURING CAR (July 16th – July 22nd)

Instead of 600 Gold, you can get this beauty for 420 Gold. You can use it in the Eurotracks Master Exhibition but after all you need to love this car to get it – you won’t be able to complete this series with this car without adding another around 900 Gold in upgrades – with the R$ upgrades you can only do like the first half of the series.

PORSCHE 919 HYBRID 2015 (July 9th – July 15th)

Here’s the better deal after last week! This is actually quite a nice deal and if you have the Gold I would recommend you to get it – this car is required for one of the last career series and it normally costs 950 Gold! In this sale you can get it for 655 Gold, that’s 30% off and probably the best deal you can get. I was saving up Gold for quite some time when I entered the 24 Heurs De Le Mans carrer series to get it.

JAGUAR C-X75 R3 SPEC (July 2nd – July 8th)

Normally at 900 Gold, you can get it with a sale price on this car for 630 Gold this week – but is it a good deal? Unless other cars on sale that are useful in the career or multiple bonus series, this Jaguar C-X75 can only be used in his own bonus series, the Jaguar C-X75 R3 Spec World Series. In addition, you will also have to invest more than 1,000 Gold to finish the series in upgrades. If you’re a real fan or don’t know where to put your Gold you can grab it, but otherwise you rather want to wait for a better deal.


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